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Tax rates 2024


About us

PLC Daemon was founded in 1998 as a bureau offering accounting and IT services.

The definition of Daemon is a process that works in the background fulfilling various tasks without the need for human intervention. Based on that the services we provide allow you to concentrate on the main activities of your business. We ensure that the background processes of accounting and IT are performed smoothly and correctly.

Our team is comprised of highly educated employees who are experienced in their business area and who regularly participate in various training courses.
We provide services to customers who are companies from various fields of activity in Estonia with owners from all over the world.
We will ensure you can feel confident in your business.

Daemon OÜ has been recognized as a reliable cooperation partner


In July 2023, Daemon OÜ was recognized by the Association of Estonian Accountants




    Establishing a company in Estonia
    Address services in Estonia
    Accounting services and taxation
    Consulting and financial analyses
    Registering domains and hosting different services (webpage, e-mail, etc.)


    Ask for a specific offer! +372 56 911 898 or info@daemon.ee

Tax rates 2024

  • In Estonia companies do not pay corporation tax from profit
  • The tax rate for dividends is 20% or 14%+7% (in case the company pays dividends regularly)
  • The VAT rates are mostly 22% or in special cases 9%, 5%, 0% and tax-free
  • For turnovers exceeding 40 000 euros companies are liable to register in the VAT registry
  • There is a domestic reverse charge mechanism for selling metal products (the buyer does not pay the VAT to the seller)
  • The minimum wage per month for full-time work is 820 euros, i.e. 4.86 euros per hour (gross) in year 2024
  • The withheld income tax rate is 20%. As of 1 January 2018 progressive income tax has been implemented
  • The basic tax exemption is 654 euros if the income does not exceed 1200 euros per month
  • The social tax rate is 33%. Minimal social tax duty is 239.25 euros per month in order to get health insurance.
  • The monthly payment of at least the minimal social tax rate ensures health insurance
  • The unemployment insurance payment rates are 1.6% for employees and 0.8% for employers
  • The pension fund tax is 2%

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